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How to wake up early. Follow these 10 guaranteed tips and you won’t wake up late again!

Read secrets from leaders like Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Robin Sharma, Gary Vaynerchuk and Tim Ferris

How To Wake Up Early

Be honest.

Are you someone who swears to go to sleep early and wake up early every single day but ends up dancing away the night and waking up almost after the better part of the day is over?

If so, you have a major reboot to be done to your routine.

World leaders around the globe like Sundar Pichai, Tim Cook, Elon Musk etc. have unanimously described themselves to be morning people and not night owls. This indicates that mornings are the best hours of the day.


Mornings, by virtue of nature, are quiet.

The calm of a crisp morning sinking into your mind is rewarding in many ways.

You don’t agree?

Well, let’s look at the topic at hand from different angles and come to a conclusion jointly.

Note: No time? Wanna get to the 10 tips which would answer the question ‘How To Wake Up Early’ directly? Scroll down 👇👇. We have listed them separately below.

Why should you wake up early in the morning?

1. To win (or at least, get a sense of winning) 🎯

When you wake up early, what is most striking around you?

The rest of the world is sleeping.

It feels nice to be a step or two ahead of the rest of the world, isn’t? The extra time that you gain will propel you to feeling a winner already! When you become a winner in the mind, the next thing of positive consequence which you’ll do is to retain the successful stride.

Well, there you go! Early mornings mean success.

2. Less distractions = High productivity 🚀

The quiet of the mornings has already been noted. This trait is a signifier of less or no distractions:

The messages are less

The calls are less

The notifications are less

Thereby, your focus and attention is unfazed. Moreover, there is an upsurge of willpower and desire to accomplish because of increased mental focus.

These favorable conditions enable one to channelize the energy on the most significant of the things, leading to high productivity.

3. Self-discipline ✌

Self-discipline is a component that has the potency of causing major differences: it can make an averagely talented person harvest huge benefits and a hugely talented person realize very less of his/her dreams.

You’d successfully reach a milestone in self-discipline, if you can make early mornings a habit. Shooting off from the morning, you set the tone for the rest of the day: meaningless activities will be no part of it.

Make waking up early a non-negotiable task to control, refocus and reconnect with your mission.

4. You can be both mentally and physically healthy because: 💪

  • Your breakfast timing can be controlled better
  • You have ample amount of time to exercise/meditate
  • Your sleep routine is proper
  • You are calm
  • Increased productivity hikes your self-confidence
  • You are less stressed

5. Positivity 🌈

A sense of winning, high productivity, self-discipline and healthy mental and physical well-being make up for a lip-smacking recipe for positivity.

Get the positive vibes going on right from the start of the day by waking up early.

What to do when you wake up early in the morning? See what the experts do!

So now you know the benefits of waking up early. But I hear (yes, we have sixth sense 😉 ) that you still ask what you can specifically do in the mornings. Don’t worry, we would address all your queries and help you become successful.

Let’s peep in to the daily morning routines of some of the most successful world leaders. You can, of course, follow those according to what you want to achieve in life and what you are comfortable with.

1. Robin Sharma, leadership expert

How To Wake Up Early-Morning routine of Robin Sharma- 5 AM Club


He suggests the 20/20/20 rule in his video on How To Wake Up Early. Use the first 20 minutes to exercise, the second part to itemize and review the tasks and goals and finally, the last chunk to learn and accumulate knowledge.

Work on BHAGS:

Big Hairy Audacious Goals. Goals impart inspiration, purpose and energy to our lives. Remember that you wake up every day to bring them closer to reality. Take out your journal and write about your short-term and long-term goals that shape the core of your life.

Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier:

Trick you brain into believing that you’re awaking at the set time, say, 6, when you’re actually waking up 30 minutes earlier. This 30-minute head start will give you bonus time to meditate, read or do any productive activity.

2. Jack Canfield, author/ motivational speaker

How To Wake Up Early-Morning routine of Jack Canfield

Incorporating a 5-minute long visualization into his morning routine, Canfield starts with reminding himself of the bigger things in life in the mornings.

Typically, one visualizes achieving or nearing the goals in life. Instead, one can also picture successfully going through the day, accomplishing every task. Basically, it’s all about visualizing success.

3. Tony Robins, life coach/ author

How To Wake Up Early-Morning routine of Tony Robbins

In a bid to have singularity in thoughts, Robins has devised a unique meditation technique called priming.

There are four parts in priming:

  • Kapalabhati Pranayama exercise: This is an original breathing exercise created by Robins himself. Sit upright with your eyes closed. Clench the fists and position your arms parallel to your shoulders. As you inhale air through your nostrils, push your arms up. Then, quickly exhale air through nostrils and simultaneously, pull your arms back to the original position. Repeat the exercise in quick succession to recharge your engine.
  • Express gratitude: Robins suggests feeling grateful for at least three things. They could be anything, simple or great, a breeze or even a person.
  • Connect with yourself and your surroundings: The experience of connection is a visualizing technique wherein you imagine a light flowing into your head, traveling through your entire body and healing every part on its way. Then, picture the light flowing from your body into the surroundings and even into your loved ones. Throughout the procedure, the light functions as an effectual healer.
  • Visualize success: A fitting conclusion to the meditation exercise is to visualize goals being accomplished. He means “[not to] think about making it happen, [but to] see it as done”.

4. Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia and VaynerX

How To Wake Up Early-Morning routine of Gary Vaynerchuk

The first thing he does as soon as he wakes up is to commit to content consumption. He uses his cell phone or books to feed on meaningful and valuable information. He also uses a good percentage of time in the morning to call his family for an instant injection of optimism.

5. William H. McRaven, retired U.S Naval Admiral

How To Wake Up Early-Morning routine of William H Mcraven

McRaven’s commencement speech at the University of Texas at Austin is a rage among the youth. An important highlight of his speech was his advice to the youth to make bed upon waking up. Accomplishing the first task of the day will generate a sense of pride and an impetus to achieve more tasks, according to him.

6. Tim Ferris, entrepreneur/ investor/ public speaker/ author

How To Wake Up Early-Morning routine of Tim Ferris - 4 hour work week quote

He insists on following a 4-part morning routine every day, which he confesses he achieves only 30% of them every day.

  • Make bed
  • Meditate for 1-20 minutes
  • Do light exercises for at least 30 seconds
  • Hydrating: He drinks a potion comprising a teaspoon of black tea + a teaspoon of green tea + a pea-sized amount of turmeric and + coconut oil. This beverage is said to speed up cognition and fat loss.
  • Journaling: The art of journaling helps clear your mind and refocus on goals. Articulate your thoughts freely on the page without any restrictions; let the emotions flow. The practice might not assuredly solve the issues but they do get the pricking thoughts out which otherwise get infinitely tossed around in your mind.

How to wake up early? Here are 10 tips!

The good part of waking up early is over. It’s time to address the elephant in the room: how to win the battle of bed?

The first 2 tips are recommended by Robin Sharma and he urges you to join the “5 AM club” of early birds!

1. Don’t eat after 7 pm. One is said to sleep more deeply and peacefully by having an early dinner.

2. Jump out of the bed as soon as the alarm goes off. The more you stay in the bed after you wake up, the more you are likely to brush off the prospect of starting your day on the right note.

3. Formulate a solid purpose or a reason that’s inevitable.

4. Reward yourself whenever you wake up. They’ll act as positive reinforcements and empower you to repeat the action.

5. Set a strict bed-time beyond which you won’t stay awake.

6. Ditch gadgets and television at least an hour before you hit bed for a pleasant sleep.

7. Sometimes, exercising to the extent of tiring yourself out will be an instant stimulus for your body to get into the sleep-mode.

8. Reading before sleep reduces stress and relaxes muscles.

9. A cozy warm bath before bed will promptly ready you for a deep good night sleep.

10. There’re tons of sleep music tracks available in the net that facilitates one to dive into the dark, neglecting the consciousness of the surroundings.

Wake up late? No, thanks 👎

So, friends! The habit of sleeping early and waking up early has countless benefits to your body, mind and soul. Leaders around the globe have benefited through cultivating this habit. Although it is difficult to make the start, when you succeed doing it once, you will more and more incentivized to do it every day and experience the pleasure arising out it.

Did we miss any tips? Let us know in the comments section below 🙂

Before I leave, let me ask you a question:

At what time are you going to sleep tonight? 😍


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