how to feel energetic when you feel dull
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How To Feel Energetic and Super Motivated When You Actually Are Dull ?

Being dull is a choice. Follow these 7 tips to super charge yourself!

How to feel energetic!

Have you ever thought of doing something useful but ended up lazing around because you were feeling dull?

Well, you are not alone.

Dullness makes anyone feel tired and demotivated. It comes in your way of getting anything done and messes everything. But, worry not. Here are some simple tips that you can follow for feeling energetic and motivated. And this will definitely give the answer to your question :’How to feel energetic’

#1: Take a shower

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When you take a shower, you are letting go of all your negative energy. I’ve never known anyone who has been in the same dull-self after walking out of shower.

Expert tip: Better yet, take a cold shower


#2: Listen to music

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Feel sad and tired? Listen to music. Upbeat songs have the capacity to make you spring to your feet and feel recharged.

Expert tip: Have a separate playlist of energetic songs to listen to while feeling dull.


#3: LOL

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It is no joke that laughter is the best medicine. Laughing reduces stress and frees you from tiredness. It can put in a good mood and make you feel energetic. But, what’ll you laugh at? A video? Yourself? A friend? How about laughing for no reason whatsoever?

Expert tip: Laughter therapy comes helpful here. It has a complete package: Taking deep breaths, clapping hands, laughing from your belly. There is no better recipe for good mood.


 #4: Exercise and engage in any physical activity

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Rather than lazing in couch and switching from one channel to another, why not physically engage yourself? Exercise and sports have the potential of bringing back energy and recharging you.

Expert tip: Working out for at least 30 minutes a day will be beneficial for your mind, body and soul. And, include playful exercises in your routine.


#5: Eat well

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When we’re dull, we have the habit of swimming in a pool of junk food to keep ourselves falsely occupied. This is, again, a lazy route to feel better.

For an energetic outside have a healthy inside: Try avoiding processed food, and foods high in salt, sugar, carbs and fat. Eat foods that combine all the vital components of a healthy diet. To do away with dehydration, drink at least 3 liters of water.

Expert tip: Concentrate on your food while you eat instead of scrolling down your Facebook feed. This will make you feel filled. As a result, you won’t eat frequently to walk the path of dullness.


#6: Consume coffee less

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Though coffee accelerates your energy in and for a short period, it is advisable to not drink the same in enormous amounts. It does give you a shortcut for gaining energy. But, at the same time, the energy fades as quickly as you get it. Always return to your actual healthy foods for feeling energetic.

Expert tip: Drink coffee in calculated amounts as it can affect your sleep.


#7: Sleep for 6-8 hours straight in the night

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Lack of sleep contributes directly to dullness. Sleeping during the day and staying awake all night will affect your hormones.

Through all their years of existence, human beings have been conditioned or in another words, adapted to sleeping during the night. Breaking the cycle and riding up against what has been decided by the evolution will put you at risk. So, it is important that you sleep between 6 to 8 hours straight in the night without breaks in between.

Expert tip: To feel boosted in the daytime, napping to a maximum of 30 minutes is beneficial. But, of course, don’t nap right after your meals.

Being dull is a choice

Ending up doing nothing in a day will make you regret and feel guilty later, if not immediately. So, discipline yourself into completing whatever you have been assigned by following these simple steps.

Completing your work needs hard work, so does feeling alive.

We hope that these tips help you to feel energetic every time when dullness try to win over you.

So did we miss any tips?

Tell us what you do when you feel dull in the comments below!


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