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How to win friends and influence people summary!

Are friends and people alike important? If you’re a selectively social person, odds are high that you might’ve renounced these earthly commitments for what you think matters more.

But, you are a social animal, you crave for companionship. Cutting ties with the society would mean a lifetime of seclusion and alienation. But, what can be done to enhance our living standards?

Enters Mr Carnegie.

Dale Carnegie was just another salesman and an aspiring actor. One day, he decides to change his course in life. He quits his job and ventures into teaching communication classes at YMCA.

What’s next?

He becomes a global phenomenon.

His book “How to win friends and influence people” is still a sonorous blockbuster in the usually solemn self-help section.

In this listicle, you’ll find a treasury of invaluable pearls of wisdom that you may incorporate in your life for better relationships.

How to win friends and influence people summary!

#1 Don’t criticize

How to win friends and influence people pdf- lesson 1

Though you may deliver it constructively, criticism can potentially harm a person’s pride and self-esteem. Rather than criticizing someone for what they are and what they say, it is advisable to go behind the scenes and find out why they are the way they are.

Though we may showcase a façade of rationality, emotions still run high behind all of us.

So, eschew criticisms to not essentially drive away people.

#2 Words of appreciation and encouragement can make one’s day

How to win friends and influence people pdf- lesson 2

At the core of every human being, there is a deep-seated desire to be appreciated and encouraged. This brings one to the concept of work. The whole point of doing work is to beget those hard-earned words of appreciation. But, beware! There is a fine line that separates appreciation and flattery. Over-stepping might lead to embarrassment rather than generating a feeling of happiness.

Give a piece of appreciation to anyone to recognize their talents, skills and work.

#3 Shift your perspectives

How to win friends and influence people pdf- lesson 3

If you wish to entice a person to falling in line with what you intend to accomplish, convince them that they are in for a bonanza if they conform to your ideals.

Always question yourself “what’s in it for them?”

Put yourself in the listeners’ shoes to understand what they expect out of your offer. Then, place your bets.

#4 Be invested in others’ wants and interests

How to win friends and influence people pdf- lesson 4

All have their own battles. All have their own wants. “To each his own” right? It might be not be so hard to believe that every individual is self-centered with interests only on theirs and no one else. So, what do you think would make you a prospective companion: Pegging in the center of the dialog the other person.

People will be interested in those who are interested in them.

#5 Smile

How to win friends and influence people pdf- lesson 5

It is true that actions speak louder than words. A warm, sweet smile puts your companion at ease and comforts him. An instant recipe for immediate generation of positivity and a stupendous impression is, indisputably, a smile.

Smile. Period.

#6 Names matter

How to win friends and influence people pdf- lesson 6

A typical teen is expected to say “a name is stupid label that is incapable of encapsulating the complexity that I am”. Not everyone holds the same view with regards to names. Some may even measure how much they mean to you based on whether you recall their names.

Remembering a person’s name is similar to knocking down the first domino in a relationship.

#7 A good conversationalist grows out of a good listener

How to win friends and influence people pdf- lesson 7

You can become a fantastic conversationalist or even an interesting person if you can simply heed your companion’s talks intently. Asking them to talk about themselves would, contrarily, pique their interests in you.

Listen and learn.

#8 Make them feel special

How to win friends and influence people pdf- lesson 8

Would you want to break a relationship with a person who deems you important? No. Similarly, making your companion feel important and special would coax him or her to like you instantly. If you can do the same with sincerity, you would successfully gain a loyal companion.

Think of it as brand loyalty.

#9 Admit it if you feel you have erred

How to win friends and influence people pdf- lesson 9

You lose no degree of dignity or self-respect, if you admit your mistakes. In fact, in the minds of your companion, your errors are most likely to be condensed if you accept your faults. This is an effective measure of thwarting arguments, guilt and regrets.

An emphatic “Yes I did” is more powerful than a weak “No, I didn’t”.

#10 Should you criticize, begin with praises

How to win friends and influence people pdf- lesson 10

Yes, you heard it right. Isn’t it oddly satisfying to hear criticisms after a windfall of praises? Yes. Note: Refrain from using “but’s” to connect praises and a criticisms. It’ll render your praises as being insincere. Rather, use “and’s”. This way, the praises and the criticisms are seamlessly linked and natural.

Butter them up before you break a leak of disappointment.

Final thoughts...

In spite of all the suggestions jotted above, I would be lying if I say “this is all”. Relationships are, by nature, complex. You’ll stumble upon innumerable bumps on your road to a successful relationship. You’ll fail. But, you’ll learn. As a kick-starter, incorporate the pointers in your life to observe the interesting results they may return.

Which tip are you going to apply? Comment below!

Have you applied any of these tips before? What is it? What are you going to apply now onwards?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below 🙂

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