Do you have amazing, interesting and value-adding stories to share with the world?

Foloyolo always welcomes writings that are fresh, original and most importantly, viral-worthy. If you’d like to contribute to the repository, take an attentive walk through the site to know the exact kind of content we are looking for and the categories we cover.

But there are few regulations that you must abide by to get published in Foloyolo. Below are several parameters by which you content should be shaped. Go through them thoroughly before you make the submission. If the articles do not meet the requirements, they’ll either be rejected or sent back for modifications.

What we accept:               

  1. The content you write must fall within this bracket of topics: health, wealth, happiness, inspiration, entrepreneurship, relationship and parenting
  2. Readable, shareworthy and sticky content with a catchy headline that will attract a soaring number of visitors
  3. Plain text with no formatting because our team will take care of that
  4. Articles shouldn’t exceed 3000* words
  5. Sub-headings included wherever necessary
  6. Content broken into small and readable paragraphs
  7. Requisite images (These images may be altered or changed, if needed, by our team)
  8. The content must have internal links to at most 4 articles from within
  9. Articles are to be sent in word files via mail or in Google docs.

What we don’t accept:

  1. Plagiarized writings
  2. A reproduction or resubmission of your content that has been published in another platform
  3. Lengthy quotes and excerpts from speeches
  4. Political inclination and bias
  5. Over-the-top formatting
  6. Long paragraphs
  7. Information encapsulated in single sentence lines
  8. Promotion of external websites or services or products in your article (you can attach 1-2 links to articles that you have previously written; If considered unnecessary or irrelevant, our team reserves the right to remove them)
  9. PDF and HTML files

Is your article ready? Send it along with the following details:

You full name, a short author bio with at most 2 links to your blog/website/eBook/social media page (optional), the email ID you used for Gravatar account (sign up in with your email address, update your profile with a photo, so that we can easily migrate the current profile picture for the author bio).

If you have successfully written an article that follows all the above stipulations, send them to contact[at]foloyolo[dot]com.

We look forward to reading your amazing stories! BTW, none of your stories will go down the gutter, every article will be reviewed by our hawk-eyed team and given their due appreciation!